Standard Time PPC

Time tracker and project manager for Windows and Pocket PC

Standard Time is used for time tracking and expenses, and to plan resource tasks for large groups. It is simple enough for small companies, and comprehensive enough for large ones. Each person may plan projects, use a timesheet, and track his or her time throughout the day. This time information is stored in a shared database which is accessible to managers and executives of the company.

Some of Standard Time's main features include:

  • Simple enough for single users or enterprise
  • Simple weekly time sheet, stopwatch, and time tracking
  • Shows project and tasks in timesheet
  • Individual tasks for each user
  • Billable and non-billable tasks
  • Enter time or use stopwatch to track work
  • Single-click Quick Tasks
  • Pause and Interrupt
  • Inactivity monitor automatically stops tasks
  • Submit, approve, and lock timesheets
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Large or small groups

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use project management solution for any business.

Standard Time PPC


Standard Time PPC 1.1